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07/24/2014 02:52 AM ,GMT+8 HK
EBG Accept WU PM selling order
Dear EBG customer

Good day.
We today begin accept selling PM with WU.
Welcome to use our service as usual.

Best Regard

07/22/2014 14:32 PM ,GMT+8 HK
EBG is temporary stop accept PM selling order
Dear EBG Customer

EBG is temporary stop accept PM selling order due to the over sell order.
Please kindly wait and we will resume accept selling soon.

Best Regard

07/22/2014 08:52 AM ,GMT+8 HK
Adjust buying PM fee to 1%
Dear EBG Customer,

There is one specail offer for our EBG customer,you can enjoy 1% fee if buying bankwire from our company.

We waiting for your new order soon.

Best Regard

07/02/2014 03:22 AM ,GMT+8 HK
Use New receiver for WU
Dear EBG Customer,

It is here published we use the new receiver for EBG WU order today.
Please kindly take care for it and place new order to get lateast receiver information.

Best regards

06/24/2014 03:52 AM ,GMT+8 HK
Egopay has been added to EBG site
Dear EBG customer

We are glad to inform you that EBG have added Egopay e-currency to our site! We offer great rates for buying, selling and exchanging this popular digital currency with low internal fees.

EBG waiting for your orders on our site!

Best Regard

06/19/2014 03:56 AM ,GMT+8 HK
EBG mail system working normal
Dear EBG Customer,

EBG mail system is totally working normal,We can smoothly deliver mail to all domain adress now.
Welcome to check your mail again and if you still can't succeded receive our mail,please free to contact us.

Best Regard

06/16/2014 15:19 PM ,GMT+8 HK
EBG can not send email to Yahoo and Aol domain adress
Dear EBG Customer,

We appology there is some problme with our mail systerm.EBG can receive email from Yahoo and Aol domain adress,but EBG can't sent back reply to yahoo and Aol domain,which will return.

EBG is now trying solve the problme and we kind remind our customer do remember check your order status once you can't get your comfirmation mail outside normal time.

EBG also recommand our customer temporary avoid using Yahoo and Aol damain to register or contact us during these time untiil we solve this problme.

We do really sorry for the trouble caused and welcome to contact us if you have any question.

Best Regard

06/12/2014 01:13 AM ,GMT+8 HK
EBG site is working normal now
Dear EBG customer

EBG site is working normal now,We really sorry for the trouble caused accordingly.
You are welcome to use our service again and if any question,feel free to contact us.

Best Regard

06/10/2014 13:31 PM ,GMT+8 HK
EBG site under DDOS attack
Dear EBG Cusotmer,

It is sorry our site is continue under the DDOS attack from June 10th 2014 until now.
EBG can not process the order and receive/sending the mail during the DDOS attack time.
We really appology for the trouble caused accordingly and we will try our best to solve this problme asap.

Please kindly wait and If you have any question,feel free to contact us.

Best Regard

05/31/2014 06:02 AM ,GMT+8 HK
PM site resume normal working on May 31th
Dear EBG customer,

Good day.
PM site already resume normal login on May 31th,we had continue process the order from May 31th 2014.

Welcome to use our service always.

Best Regard

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